Premium Protection Package

Get the ultimate protection for your vehicle with our Premium Protection Package. Combine both our outstanding Assured Extended Warranty and our Lifeshine Protection Package and receive a huge discount of £299!

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Complete Peace of Mind

All our vehicles come with 3 months warranty as standard, we also offer extended warranty for up to 3 years for customers who would like that extra peace of mind. Why not add our Gold Cover to your purchase from just £999.

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Repair Cost Examples

Engine (£9,600) turbo (£3,500). cylinder head (£2,200). flywheel (£1,960), pistons and rings (£3,600)

Cooling system - radiator (£500), water pump (£650), oil cooler (£500) thermostat (£360)

Catalytic convertor and lifetime sealed DPF (£1,200), EGR valve (£1,370)

Gearbox - manual (£4.000). automatic (£6,000), internal gears (£1,600). clutch kit (£1,000)

Braking - master and wheel cylinders (£720). calipers (£700). ABS modulator (£2,500)

Air conditioning - condenser (£1,100), compressor (£1,400)

Fuel system - injectors (£1,100). fuel pump (£960). throttle body (£800). oil pump (£1,200)

Electrical system - starter motor (£900). alternator (£880). sunroof motors (£1,500)

Bluetooth (£350), remote coded key (£340). GPS antenna (£740)

Suspension - wheel bearing (£500). drive shafts (£1,040) wishbones (£720) coil spring (£570)

Power steering rack (£1,700) and pump (£1,400). air bag and system (£1,300), fuse box (£1,100)

Integrated multimedia and satellite navigation systems (£5,650)

Protect that
new car feeling.

Keep your car looking it’s best by investing in Lifeshine Protection for just £299.

This one time coating will help your car withstand the toughest conditions so you can rest assured your Premium Car will keep looking it’s best for longer.

What’s more, you can add this to your new car or even an existing car!

Carbon Shield TechnologyTM

Protects vehicle paintwork against harsh contaminants and the elements to lock in colour and shine